Mauricio Bermudez


Mauricio Bermudez

Member since 08/08/2019

Location : Bogota CO

About me

Mauricio Bermudez is a professional jumping and eventing rider, with more than 30 years of national and international experience.

He´s a jumping and eventing coach.

He has been represented his country in multiple international events of eventing and conforming the national team in at least 6 opportunities.

He is an international FEI designer for Eventing.

As a horse dealer, he has sold horses in his country, in Ecuador, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Panama, the United States and Canada.

He owns Haras del Marques a high performance equestrian center, where you can find the ideal place to train, train your horse or buy the horse you are looking for

Mauricio Bermudez


Quidarco has an amazing pedigree This is a horse suitable for a competitive amateur, for he knows the job and has a lot of scope and strenght. For more videos don't hesitate to contact us.

Mauricio Bermudez


Corleone as we call him, is son of the famous Cornet Obolensky. He's scopey, poerfull and has agreat character. He will be a perfect addition to any competitive team!

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