Samuel Matejka


Samuel Matejka

Member since 11/06/2020

Location : Veľký Slavkov SK

About me

Hello, let me introduce myself. My name is Samuel Matejka. I am a Slovakian showjuming rider. For my biggest achievements in riding sport i consider taking part at European Championship as a Junior rider. And every year i am taking a good places in Slovak Championship as a Young rider or with my young horses. I have already produced many young horses to the big classes. So, that is what i really like. I like to work with young horses and i am very happy when i see how they grow. I know also about many amateur or experienced horses for sale around me. So if you have some young one and you want to train him in a good way maybe i can help you with it. Or if you want to buy some good young or amateur or also experienced horses. Just try to ask me. I promise i will try to do my best for you.  

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