Anna Shellere


Anna Shellere

Member since 02/01/2020

Location : Baldone LV

About me

I am young show jumping rider from Latvia, competing up to 135 cm . And own a stable in Latvia, at Northern Europe. Most of time we are working and preparing horses for sale. Normally at summer time have ~10 rideable horses for sale, at different age and education level. Working straight with Latvian breeding farms. If i don't have what to offer you, I can help with finding horse what you are looking for. Baltic countries can offer good quility own breed horses, for good prices. I know most of riders and breeding stables in this area!


Anna Shellere


Charmeur is a horse with big heart and lovely character.  With show experience up to 135 cm. He is 183 cm high! I own him from age of 1 year old.Always riden by girl rider, with big show experience,  great horse for junior...

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