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Horse Auction Belgium Online 4.0

  • Auction date: 01/05/2021


After quite a challenging 2020 for the equestrian industry, we've come together once more as a team at HAB with hopes of having an amazing 2021. This time we want to start the year offering our clients a fantastic collection of young talented horses born in 2017 and 2018.

With the uncertainty of what the future will bring, there is nothing better than the right investment in the future of equestrian sports.

This fourth online edition of our auction, we are sure is going to be the best way to start the new year!

The key to the success of each edition is the professional team behind the auction, that guarantees the quality of the horses that are selected: Michel SpaasCristophe Gijbels, Kevin Gielen and Lore Penders

Horse Auction Belgium has a very strict selection process and takes pride in offering the best bloodlines from around the world, always guaranteeing healthy, rigorously vetted horses.

What you'll find on this edition is only quality. Young talented horses by Diamant de Semilly, Hardrock Z, Wandor van de Mispelaere, Cicero, Balou du Rouet, Glasgow van het Merelsnest and many more.

Plus some impressive Dam-lines: horses with the same damline as Udarco van Overis (1.60m with Sarah Nagel-Tornau), Iron man van de Padenborre (1.65m with GrégoryWathelet), Cevo Socrates (1.60m with Edwina Tops-Alexander), Authentic (1.60m with Beezy Madden), Carthago(1.60m with Jos Lansink), Corrado I (1.60m with Franke Sloothaak), Toulon (1.60 with Hubert Bourdy).

With the trust of the best breeders in the area, several successful live auctions in the last 7 years and happy customers around the world: from South Africa  to Mexico, from Japan to Colombia, UK, France and many more, we can honestly say Horse Auction Belgium is the right place to find you next superstar.

Start 2021 the right way and buy YOUR future star! Online Auction from 5 until 7 January 2021! Have a look at our website for the collection!


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