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Have you ever sold a horse to a buyer in Colombia, Mexico or Guatemala? Not yet? Every year hundreds/thousands of horses from Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany are sold to North and South American countries, but it can be hard to facilitate such a deal.

Our experience, and vast network in both Europe and America will allow us to easily connect Buyers and Sellers from these two continents. My Horse dealer is a community-based, two-sided online platform that facilitates the process of connecting buyers and sellers of sport horses.

On the one side it enables owners to list their horses and find potential clients in the American continent. On the other side it provides buyers easy access to finding the right horse at the right price to suit their sporting needs. Our mission is to boost the selling time frame of our customers creating perfect matches on the most trusted sport horse marketplace and help people sell or find their dream horse.


Our secure messaging tool lets buyers and sellers easily get to know each other before requesting a try out or giving out more information about your horse. Plus, previous buyers and sellers publicly review each other after each successful transaction, so future buyers and sellers can see those reviews and take them into consideration before making future transactions. You can create a detailed profile of your breeding/trading stable where you can put relevant information about experience in the horse industry, successful sold horses’ stories, any piece of information to let people know more about who you are and why they should buy a horse from you. As a buyer you can also create a profile with all your information and interests.

The main vision of the website is to become a place that promotes and help expand horse sports and where people that share the same love and passion for horse around the world can come together to find the right horse at the right price.

The Team

Mayra has been riding as a hobby since she was 4 years old. With her degree in Chemical Engineering and more than 5 years of experience in financial and administrative professional positions in multinational companies she has been able to merge those two worlds (mass production management and horse management) to become an asset to her entrepreneurial project. Her passion and love for horses is her fuel to give all her experience and knowledge into the success of My Horse Dealer.



Camilo is full scope horseman. Since childhood he’s been involved in the world of horse riding in his own equestrian center in Bogota, Colombia and today he is a professional show jumper and horse dealer with experience in America and Europe. His degree in commerce and international relationships has given him the tools to become a true business man and a valuable asset to My Horse Dealer.



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